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Brian Glyn Williams

History professor at Umass, Dartmouth

Project Goal:
The main goal of this website was to better organize the information and photo galleries of Dr. William's experience and research. Dr. William's website contains access to his biography, publications, field research, videos, conferences, and extensive photo galleries.

Involvement: I designed, developed, and currently regularly maintain entire website. Planning included creating specific information architecture and useability wireframes.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Powerpoint (wireframes)


"When a colleague of mine suggested that I pay someone to design a webpage for me in order to get the word out on my travels, research, articles and interviews I did so reluctantly. Having overcome my old-school technophobia I now consider myself most fortunate to have found Suki to take me into this new and exciting on-line medium. Suki was very attentive to my half-formed ideas and did an excellent job of transforming them into easily-viewed and beautiful webpages. Her skill with the technical aspects of web-design is matched only by her artistic flair and her responsiveness. I was amazed at how she 'ran' with the original ideas I had and was able to improve them on her own. But the greatest surprise for me came with the number of people (including reporters, lawyers, fellow scholars, students, government workers etc.) who randomly encountered my work while searching on-line. My business cards, grant applications, publications, emails, etc. all now have a link to my webpage. Everyone who sees them has the ability to see who I am with the click of a button. I find that this gives me a tremendous advantage over those who have not taken the time to build a webpage to enhance or disseminate their work. And her support for my page continues. Over the years Suki has responded quickly to any and all my bizarre needs I have had and has always been able to improve upon my suggestions. I cannot thank her enough for allowing me to reach people with a webpage that is more multi-faceted and easy to access than I could have ever imagined. When I compare her work to other sites, I can honestly say she is in a league of her own. And having worked with her for years now I can certify that she is honest, incredibly devoted to her work, and well worth the investment in her time and talent."

Brian Glyn Williams