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Marino Center for Progressive Medicine

The center is a medical organization dedicated to providing, educating, and researching the best of modern medicine and complementary therapies to promote health and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Project Goal: The Marino Center website's main goal is to provide user friendly information about programs, directions, and operating procedures. The design accomplishes this need by creating three main categories from which the view cann find information. These are some of the goals that the new website accomplishes: providing information about their services, procedures and clinicians, provide capability to contact us (email forms), provide directional information to clinical sites, and online referal and prescription forms

Involvement: While employed at Modern Creative, I designed, developed, and maintained this website. Planning included creating specific information architecture and useability wireframes.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS Menus, Flash, Powerpoint(wireframes)